Life Fact #1

Rhotacism (speech impediment)

In medical contexts, rhotacism is the inability or difficulty in pronouncing the sound r. Thus, many speech pathologists call this problem de-rhotacization, because the sounds lose their rhotic quality rather than becoming rhotic. (

Yeap, Ming’s life fact #1 is…

He can’t say ‘R’ letter. Many people say it only happens for kids, but until now Ming can’t say it. He doesn’t know the taste of saying R although he has been learning for his whole life. Everytime Ming says ‘R’, it sounds ‘L’ instead.

Does it matter? Sometimes.

Some Indonesian words have different meaning when ‘R’ is replaced by ‘L’ and some friends play it. Sucks, that was what he feels. But now Ming feels it’s a gift, because it can make a smile and laugh for Ming’s circle. And it is also make his English pronunciation is better!

So, You guys who also have rhotacism, you are not alone. God gave it to you for reason!

Right now Ming wants to learn Chinese, can anyone help Ming to know his ancestor culture?


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