Life Fact #3

First, if you below 18 please re-open when you already 18 ūüėČ

In the early 2000s or maybe in the end of 90s, Ming started masturbation. Actually he didn’t know anything about it, what Ming knew just playing with his penis and he will get satisfaction. Btw, do you know masturbation? Lets take a look a simple explanation from Wikipedia :p

Masturbation¬†is the¬†sexual stimulation¬†of one’s own¬†genitals¬†for¬†sexual arousal¬†or other sexual pleasure, usually to the point of¬†orgasm.¬†The stimulation may involve hands,¬†fingers, everyday objects,¬†sex toys¬†such as¬†vibrators, or combinations of these. (

As a kid, Ming had no idea about it, just a relaxation, satisfaction, fun, etc. Even the way he played isn’t like the way man do it, Ming rolled his penis up by his both palms. Until someday a liquid came out from his penis and Ming was panic, but he didn’t mind coz of the satisfaction feeling. Ming felt relax and slept directly after he did masturbation and it also became habit although he already produces sperm.

Sometimes Ming used tooth paste as lubricant (?), or maybe acted like making love with pillow, even asked his dog to lick it. I think he already became mature prematurely. I think you see it as something disgusting, but just trying to bring Ming’s life story, and that is the fact. Life Fact #4 will be related to this things..


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