Life Fact #4

Life fact #4 is related to Life fact #3, have you read #3? But both is 18+, so if you are still below, please re-open later when you get older. xp

In 2002, after Ming became the last kid for about 9 years, finally he has younger sister that took the position as last kid in his internal kingdom. At that time Ming just feel happy for having her, until someday Ming got lesson about reproduction system in his school and finally he knew that the liquid which came from his penis was sperm.

Ming got more, more, and more lessons. and he knew about ovum and sperm, and he remembered about his habit, sleep directly and left his sperm on underwear and in the morning the queen would wash it together with other laundries in the kingdom. Have you got the point? or even you are already laughing? “Is she my sister or my daughter?”

Ya, Ming was afraid that his sperm moved to his mom’s underwear and it happened! Till recently Ming realize that it’s very very very impossible. Stupid old Ming! It’s impossible to his sperm enter his mom vagina without any penetration or help from precum liquid, even impossible for his sperm move to his mom’s underwear because if it happened means detergent have no function, even more impossible if you know that sperm live only for limited time and special environment.

Maybe we can laugh now, but it ruined Ming’s mind for years! Poor Ming! Hahaha!


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